The Newman Choir

A bunch of vibrant individuals, who share a passion for sacred music


The Newman Choir sprung out of the 38th International Eucharist Congress held in Mumbai in December 1964.  The Eucharistic Congress Choir gave evidence of the power latent in sacred song to move hearts and to enlighten minds, and speaking generally, to educate the masses to know and experience God. The desire to continue their contribution to the spiritual life of the city of Mumbai, was the origin of the Newman Choir under the able direction of the late Father J.B. Fernandes till 1988. The choir was revived in 2002 by the charismatic Dr. Rohan D'souza, and is now currently led by versatile musician Celeste Cordo.

The Newman Choir comprises a bunch of vibrant individuals, who share a passion for sacred music. They congregate every Sunday evening for a common cause – to create and present sacred choral music to enrich and enliven people’s lives. The pride of this choir is its people, which comprise over 50 trained and untrained singers of all ages. The members of this choir come from all walks of life and from all over Mumbai. 

Though the Choir has wowed music lovers and critics with splendid renditions of magnum opuses by master composers of the Renaissance, Baroque and Classical eras; they have also won their audiences over by their ability to excel in Jazz, Blues, Contemporary, Gospel and Spiritual music. No other choir can probably boast of a repertoire as wide as theirs, which includes all forms of music from 4th century Plainchant to 21st century Pop.

Apart from concerts, the choir also organizes an annual Lenten Mission / Outreach program, using the medium of sacred music, and as part of their social responsibility, undertakes annual visits to orphanages, homes for the elderly, hospices and the clergy home.

The Newman Choir lives on in the indefatigable spirit of its origins.






The Newman Choir is like my Indian Family. The music gives us one language.

-Deike Scharnberg

Music lifts you up; it is a gift God has given us to praise him.

–Rhea D’souza

“Music gives you joy, The joy of giving, It makes life bearable, in the Land of the living”

Oscar D’souza

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